HellSong Series

by Shaun McCoy

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"McCoy has a queer ability to highlight the most delightfully disgusting details imaginable. I grimace, suck air through my teeth and squeeze shut my eyes. Then I open just one so I can keep on reading."

—Fred Fields, Author

"In Even Hell Has Knights, McCoy depicts dark landscapes filled with fiery fury. His characters are soulful, at times wonderfully craven, surprising us with their humanity and evoking laughter in unexpected ways."

—Chris Mathews, Author of GARGOYLES

"In preparing for this book, McCoy rampaged across three continents in an indiscriminant pillage of mythology, history and religion. The booty he gained has made for one of the most unique settings in the Fantasy Genre."

—Monet Jones, Author of Rehoboth

"I read McCoy and enjoy him. If you have an ounce of imagination, so will you. He takes you places you can't go by yourself."

—McKendree Long, Author of Dog Soldier Moon

"McCoy's world-building is impeccable."

—Ginny Padgett, President of SCWW

"McCoy writes with a passion for action. He introduces us to graphic characters and takes us on a hair-raising journey through crumbling underground landscapes where battles rage to protect a magical child. This is a borderlands for where the quest for survival has never been so grueling."

—Bonnie Stanard, Author of Master of Westfall Plantation

What is it like to be damned?

Arturus knows.

Born in Hell, Arturus has never had the chance to meet his creator or seek redemption; but that doesn't mean he has no destiny. He lives near the village of Harpsborough, whose people have torn a moment of peace from the unwilling claws of damnation… and damnation wants it back.

Future omens are poor. Infidels roam the wilds, devils are amassing, and the very stones of Hell themselves have begun to break apart. But even while they fight damnation, Arturus and the hunters of Harpsborough find themselves facing off against traitors from amongst their own ranks and a people they thought they'd left far behind.