HellSong Series

by Shaun McCoy

Shaun met the love of his life in Poway, California at the age of three. At age four he moved to South Carolina, and he has not seen her since.

A writer at an early age, Shaun penciled out his first full length novel in middle school. He maintains against all contrary evidence that this is the greatest piece of fiction ever written by mortal man. To this date, he is the sole holder of this opinion.

In his sophomore year of high school, Shaun traveled with his father and grandfather aboard the research vessel World Discoverer to the far off continent of Antarctica. There were no reported casualties.

At age 20, Shaun was struck with CSD, which put him in a coma and hospitalized him for two weeks. Upon recovery, he traveled to Florida to live on his aunt and uncle's horse ranch in the hopes of regaining his constitution. It was there that he was introduced to ideas like discipline and cage fighting. Mostly cage fighting.

Shaun has since competed in two cage style Mixed Martial Arts competitions, and he is the proud victor of both events. He is an avid chess fan and active tournament player. At the time this article's publication, he was the 79th ranked chess player in the state of South Carolina. He has also played piano professionally.

In 2010, Shaun began to pursue his life-long goal of becoming a professional writer. Even Hell Has Knights is his debut novel.


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