HellSong Series

by Shaun McCoy


"McCoy is a talented and bright young writer. Knight of Gehenna is a new kind of novel--a page turner in the truest sense—wrought from equal parts brawn and brain."

—B. Butler, Author of Murder in Cairo

"McCoy is a brilliant writer; insightful, intelligent, articulate, imaginative, and funny."

—McKendree Long, Author of No Good Like it is.

"In Knight of Gehenna, McCoy masterfully creates characters, scenarios and the Hell where they live. He writes with a passion, layering emotion on fantasy and science fiction, drawing in readers from beyond his genre."

—Ginny Padgett, President of SCWW

"If Hemmingway was a Boxer, McCoy is a Cagefighter."

—Monet Jones

"Shaun is the real McCoy."

—Laura Valtorte, Filmaker, Author of Family Meal

"Exceptionally well written. I felt the pain of these characters physically and emotionally."

—Fred Feilds, Author

"With the visionary aptitude of such writers as C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein, Shaun McCoy further illustrates his unique underworld that has produced the spiritual vagabond Arturus in this sequel to Even Hell Has Knights. Arturus' quest for purpose in hell is not unlike man’s quest for purpose on earth."

—Len Lawson, Author of City of David

"Reading Knight of Gehenna is like being privy to an argument between Camus and Aquinas--only in this book they've got shotguns."

—Thomas the Younger, Author of These Windows.

Does a damned man dare dream?

Driven ever farther from his home, Arturus must come to terms with the fact that, as a denizen of Hell, it simply may not make sense for him to feel things like hope or love.

In a place where all that ends is ill, hope is a lie.

In a place where all who breathe are selfish, love is a liability.

But Arturus can’t help himself—his heart longs for his home and for the people he left so far behind. All men dream, didn’t you know? Even the damned ones...

Especially the damned ones.